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daze alive officially release 2-year anniversary singles

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The singles ‘Believe’ and ‘daze or confused’ that were released via SoundCloud on July 27 and August 5 to celebrate the label’s 2-year anniversary are getting an official release today on all music portals.

Jerry.k and Rico’s ‘Believe’ is about the daze alive members’ principle to work hard to unchangingly stay true to themselves. It was produced by Caravan Union’s Humbert, mixed and mastered by Boostknob’s Park Kyungsun, and the scratch contributed by newcomer DJ Dolphin.

Sleeq and Don Malik’s ‘daze or confused’ uses the famous magazine’s name and idiom ‘dazed and confused’ in the sense of ‘either daze alive or confusion’. They honestly speak their mind about the recent confusing issues of the Korean hiphop scene. The track was produced by Kima who is currently working on a project album with Don Malik, and Addvaluer Crew’s Syunman participated as engineer.

The artwork shows daze alive’s new logo: the ‘guide’ who is like a compass so that they shall not lose their way or falter in confusing situations, and at the same time the ‘observer’ who overcomes the borders of society and culture. Just like the two singles.
The new logo was made by Yidoh who was in charge of Stoneship’s CI branding.

1. daze alive – Believe (by Jerry.k & Rico)
Produced by Humbert
Lyrics by Jerry.k & Rico
All instruments by Humbert
Scratch by DJ Dolphin
Recorded by Jerry.k at daze alive studio, Rico at Rico Studio
Mixed & mastered by Park Kyungsun at Boostknob

2. daze alive – daze or confused (by Sleeq & Don Malik)
Produced by Kima
Lyrics by Sleeq & Don Malik
Recorded by Sleeq & Don Malik at GUR101
Mixed & mastered by Syunman at namyongkwon STUDIO

Artwork by Yidoh



Source: rokhiphop