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D2BRADA release first EP album ‘몽상’

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D2BRADA who are D2ERA and BRADA have released their EP ‘몽상’ [Daydream] today on all Korean music portals.

Suitable for the EP’s title, the intro and the interlude are titled ‘길몽’ [Lucky Dream] and ‘악몽’ [Nightmare]. It begins with the lucky dream that the two are happy about and continues with optimistic sounds that end with the nightmare. The lyrics then tell of the reality that doing music is not always just a happy profession.

The EP is made up of eight tracks, features AB’s Miso (미소), characteristic vocalist Pebble, and the lately very busy Faust Band (파우스트 밴드). The artwork was made by Earl Green who is enrolled at a school of arts, and the CD was designed by no one other than Sic Q.

The album’s duration is about 25 minutes so you can listen to it on your way to work or home, or during lunchtime. The artists even suggest that students, who have to hand in their cellphones, ask their school’s broadcasting station to play the album for them.

The tracks ‘자 이제는 내가’ [Now, Me] and ‘알게 뭐야’ [Who Cares] had been pre-released. D2BRADA consist of one MC (D2ERA) and one producer (BRADA), and are brothers who are three years apart.

01. 길몽 [Lucky Dream].
02. D2 DAY (Feat. Miso)
03. 알게뭐야 [Who Cares].
04. 아름다와 [Beautiful] (Feat. Pebble)
05. 악몽 [Nightmare].
06. 여정 [Itinerary] (Feat. Kang Sun-gyoo, Miso)
07. 자 이제는 내가 [Now, Me] (Remastered)
08. 넘어서 [Beyond].

Excutively produced by D2ERA, BRADA
Produced by BRADA
Lyrics by D2ERA
Mixed and mastered by BRADA
Recorded at D2 Heaven Studio
Guitar session by Kang Sun-gyoo
Artwork by Earl Green
CD design by Sic Q


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