D2BRADA X Pteradigm - 순수의 혈흔 (cover)

D2BRADA release collaboration album ‘순수의 혈흔’ with Australian producer PTERADIGM

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After pre-releasing the track ‘빨간 마스크’ [Red Mask] in August, D2BRADA X PTERADIGM have released their project EP album ‘순수의 혈흔 (Bloodstain of Pure)’ today.

The album delivers the lonely and desperate feeling of being abandoned by reality. ‘순수의 혈흔 (Bloodstain of Pure)’ is made up of six tracks, the first three were produced by D2BRADA’s BRADA and the last three by Australian producer PTERADIGM.

If you listen to the songs ‘미운 오리의 꿈’ [Ugly Duck’s Dream], ‘빨간 마스크’ [Red Mask], ‘엄마를 찾아서’ [Finding Mom] with the stories they are based on in mind, you will be able to discover an entirely new side to the songs.

01. 덩그러니 (Alone) (Feat. Pebble)
02. 미운 오리의 꿈 (Ugly Duck’s Dream)
03. 부셔진 계산기 (Broken Calculators) (Feat. Pebble)
04. 빨간 마스크 (Red Mask) (Feat. ByunDuck)
05. 엄마를 찾아서 (Finding Mom) (Feat. Pebble)
06. 꿈만 같은 삶 (Like Dream… Same Dream)

Excutively produced By D2ERA
Songs produced by BRADA (1, 2, 3), PTERADIGM (4, 5, 6)
Lyrics by D2ERA
Recorded at D2 Heaven Studio
Mastered by BRADA
Artwrk by EARL GREEN


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