D2BRADA - Red Mask (cover)

D2BRADA collaborate with Australian producer PTERADIGM on single ‘빨간 마스크’ [Red Mask]

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D2BRADA who released the second part of their ‘Brothers’ Memo Pad Project’, ‘현관문을 열때’ [When I Open the Front Door], last month on 26th, have released the single ‘Red Mask’ today which is a collaboration with producer PTERADIGM who is active in Australia.

The song’s title and subject are taken from the urban legend ‘Red Mask’ (better known under the Japanese name Kuchisake-Onna), and it criticizes this generation’s lookism. D2ERA also said that he received inspiration for the lyrics from the character ‘Gangnam Landlord’ of the webtoon ‘외모지상주의’ [Lookism]. The chorus that sounds full of despair is sung by ByunDuck.
‘Red Mask’ will be part of a 6-track EP album by D2BRADA X PTERADIGM with release on September 15.

Produced by PTERADIGM
Composed by PTERADIGM
Lyrics by D2ERA
Arranged by PTERADIGM
Vocals by D2ERA, ByunDuck
Recorded by BRADA @ D2Heaven
Mixed by BRADA
Artwork by Earl Green



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