D.Feeling - 엄살 (cover)

D.Feeling releases single ‘엄살’

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After several project albums, this single is the first official solo track in two years which D.Feeling personally wrote and produced.
Maybe that is why it is very evident that he has made a lot of effort with the song’s lyrical depth and feelings, both his strong points. The remix gives the song a different atmosphere. It was arranged by deeepsol who was with D.Feeling in the project team TwoDeep.

The theme of the single ‘엄살’ [Crybaby] is: you see your own wounds or pain extremely subjectively, while other people see them relatively. In other words, the song is based on the thought that your own pain just makes you seem like a crybaby in other people’s eyes. In the lyrics, D.Feeling realistically expresses his worries and uneasiness about such a situation which then develop into the calm determination that “This too shall pass.”

Just like when someone is being a crybaby and it is hard to determine if they are really in pain or not, this charming song is easy on the ears while its lyrics make you think.

Tracklist and credits:
01. 엄살 [Crybaby].
Produced by D.Feeling
Arranged by D.Feeling
Lyrics by D.Feeling

02. 엄살 [Crybaby] (deeepsol remix)
Produced by D.Feeling, deeepsol
Arranged by deeepsol
Lyrics by D.Feeling

Cover by Kim Hwasik



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Source: ROKHipHop