D.Action - 씻김굿 mixtape cover

D.Action reveals preview of upcoming mixtape ‘씻김굿’

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Untouchable’s D.Action has revealed a preview of his upcoming free mixtape ‘씻김굿’ [Ssitgimgut] (the word describes a shaman ritual for cleansing a dead person’s soul).

The preview lets you listen to five out of the mixtape’s ten tracks for 2min 30s. The cover (above) and the tracklist (below) have been revealed as well. Before the mixtape’s release, the music video for the track ‘압박해 [Under Pressure] (feat. Chaboom)’ will come out tomorrow, September 4.

d.action 씻김굿 tracklist

Tracklist (incl. tentative English titles in squared brackets):
01. Colock
02. 정글 [Jungle].
03. 압박해 [Under Pressure] (feat. Chaboom)
04. R.O.K (feat. Nucksal)
05. Can’t You See (feat. Innovator, illinit)
06. 한남동 강가네 앞 [At the Riverside in Hannam-dong] Skit
07. 알았어 [Got It] (feat. Debi, Owen Ovadoz)
08. Tell Me How You Feel (feat. Loopy)
09. Call Me D
10. 작업실 [Studio].

Cover art by Goo Bumhee



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