CYKORIAN X Doggy ZILLA - Crazy 4 Life 2 Day (cover)

CYKORIAN X Doggy ZILLA release mixtape ‘Crazy 4 Life 2 Day’

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CYKOREAN and Doggy ZILLA from Anubi$ KILLuminati who are based in Namyangju have released a new mixtape two days ago.

‘Crazy 4 Life 2 Day’ shows off crazy CYKORIAN and fresh Doggy ZILLA’s teamwork. They plan to release more content from now on like music videos and singles.

01. EvilivE
02. Pyramid
03. Don’t Believe
04. 6.6.6
05. 물 흘러가듯이 [Like Flowing Water].
06. ₩$₩
07. KIN



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