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Crucial Star reveals tracklist for his upcoming album ‘Midnight’

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Earlier this week, artist Crucial Star revealed the tracklist for his  upcoming full-length album [Midnight].

Comprised of 15 tracks, the full-length album is named after the first track “Midnight” which represents a fresh new start.  The album is highly anticipated for its wide array of collaboration with a variety of artists and producers. The album cover is created by a collaborative effort between Lee Daehee and Park Saejoon, and photographs by the popular and talented Booba (Boobagraphy).

Track 7 “Paris” is expected to drop on October 24, followed by the album release on his birthday, October 26 KST.

[Track List]
  1. Midnight
  2. 퇴실
  3. Limousine Dream
  4. 두통약 / Become A Man
  5. 바쁜 남자 (Busy Man)
  6. Pretty Girl
  7. Paris
  8. Dreams Forgotten (Interlude)
  9. 꿈을 파는 가게
  10. Owl
  11. Fire
  12. Sweet Life
  13. I’m The One
  14. Same Boy
  15. Blessing


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