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Crucial Star releases ‘Fall 2’ EP and MV

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Crucial Star‘s mini album ‘Fall 2‘ is finally here alongside the title track’s music video.

The artist participated in composing all six tracks which are full of the sentimental feelings of fall, sometimes warm, sometimes hollow.
Enjoy this trendy and musically sophisticated album with featurings by XIA (Junsu), Kim Nayoung, Donutman, and more.
This fall, dive into Crucial Star’s deep emotions!

‘Fall 2’ on iTunes
Track List & Credits:
  1. 가을엔 (Fall) (feat. Kim Nayoung) TITLE
    Lyrics by Crucial Star | Composed by Crucial Star | Arranged by U-Turn
    A sad story about a man who thought he could get back with his ex-girlfriend. A mix of hiphop and alternative rock.
  2. Coffee (feat. Donutman)
    Lyrics by Crucial Star, Donutman | Composed by Crucial Star, SundayCandy | Arranged by Crucial Star, SundayCandy | Guitar by U-Turn
    Two lovers turned into friends, but their feelings cannot keep up. Crucial and Donutman tell the stories of two men in a cafe. A track as leisure as a cup of coffee, with keyboard, drums, and guitar.
  3. 그녀는 내 것이 아닐 때 아름답다 (She’s The Most Beautiful When She’s Not Mine)
    Composed by U-Turn, Jetti | Arranged by Crucial Star, U-Turn, Jetti | Guitar by U-Turn | Piano by Jetti | Bass by Yoo Hyunwook
    After naming this track, Crucial decided that it would be an instrumental. The perfect harmony of piano, guitar, bass and a simple drum kit will touch your heart without a single word of lyrics.
  4. 이뻐서 힘들어 (Pretty) (feat. Louie of Geeks, BrotherSu, Lovey)
    Lyrics by Crucial Star, BrotherSu | Composed by Crucial Star, Fisherman | Arranged by Fisherman
    The story of a man who is having a hard time because of his pretty girlfriend. Several situations he faces are wittily described in this track that is full of the boyfriend’s love towards his one and only. The epic beat with the piano tune and groovy drum line was made by Fisherman who also composed ‘Paris‘.
  5. 또 있을까 싶어 (Ain’t Nobody Like You) (feat. XIA of JYJ)
    Lyrics by Crucial Star | Composed by Crucial Star, BOYCOLD | Arranged by BOYCOLD, Jetti, d.ear | Piano by Jetti
    A song about the longing for a past love, feeling that no matter who one meets it will never be the same. A very emotional track that was composed by BOYCOLD who already worked with Crucial Star on ‘Love Yourself’. The chemistry between XIA (Junsu) and Crucial Star is fantastic.
  6. Bulletproof (feat. Hash Swan, Sik-K, Konsoul)
    Lyrics by Crucial Star, Hash Swan | Composed by Crucial Star, BOYCOLD | Arranged by BOYCOLD
    A track about the regrets of living so nice that it’s already stupid. The most hiphop-sounding track of the album.
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