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CROQ releases ‘Place’ EP

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Rapper and producer CROQ has released his second mini album ‘곳 (Place)’ today.

CROQ debuted in 2015 with the single ‘Empty‘ for which he worked with Han Yohan and Yuh Bitna. Six more singles and one EP in 2016 later (most of them are available for free listening on his YouTube and SoundCloud channels), he is back with another album.

Each track off the album is about a different ‘Place‘, telling a different story. Discover them below!

‘Place’ on iTunes
Track List, Description & Credits:
  1. 감상 중이야 (I’m Watching) (place: cinema)
    The film begins and everyone concentrates on the screen, everyone but me. I cannot concentrate on the film but keep turning my head to the side.
    This song reminisces about the time when I watched my girlfriend instead of the film.
  2. 어른이 되나 봐 (Being An Adult) (place: bar) TITLE
    I made this song while thinking of drinking with friends that I haven’t seen for a while. Meeting the friends from my childhood, I rediscover the person I was at the time.
    This track has an easy melody and lyrics that anyone over 20 can related to.
  3. 다녀왔습니다 (I’m Home) (feat. Taejin) (place: home, just returned)
    “I’m Home” is a simple phrase you say when you get home, but from your tone of voice and its pitch, one can guess how your day has been.
    This song conveys the message that it’s alright to rest for a while when you’re sleepy, tired, or thinking too much.
  4. 둥둥 (Float) (place: within a dream)
    Between the time when we set our alarm until the time the alarm wakes us, we dream. Within dreams, we sometimes cannot move our body or the location suddenly changes. Dreams also reflect our worries and hopes.
    As dreams are one of the locations we visit the most often, I made this track.
  5. 코난 (Conan) (place: reason) TITLE
    Although I don’t know where she was last night, I have this feeling that she definitely wasn’t at home. There are times when we suddenly turn into detectives even though we’ve never had the right instinct for it.
    This song expresses the stifling and complicated feeling of doubts turning into conviction. I used the lyrics of the OST of Detective Conan which I used to watch as a child: “아침에 눈을 뜨면 지난밤이 궁금해”  – “When I open my eyes in the morning, I get curious about last night.”
  6. 파란 화면 (Blue Screen) (feat. kwa.ksi) (place: studio)
    That hateful blue screen was this album’s biggest obstacle.
    Sometimes we see a blue screen in life too. I really hope it will disappear.
  7. 충주 진달래 (Chungju Azalea) (place: Chungju Azalea Memorial Park)
    In this track I remember my late grandmother who I miss dearly. She rests in Chungju’s ‘Azalea Memorial Park’.
  8. 알 수 없는 아티스트 (Unknown Artist) (place: 3rd generation iPad touch)
    In this song I describe my time as a student when my greatest joy was listening to mixtapes of Korean and international rappers.
    I miss that time when I was walking around with my 3rd generation iPad touch that was full of unknown artists, unknown tracks and unknown formats that not even iTunes could read.

All composed, written and arranged by CROQ
Additional lyrics written by kwa.ksi (track 6)
Piano in track 1 played by Wonbin Bae
Bass guitar & drums in tracks 2 and 5 played by Hoontae Kim and Sehwan Jang of Achtung

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Source: Mnet

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