Cream Villa - 대표해 (cover)

Cream Villa release track ‘대표해’ [Represent] of upcoming full-length album for free

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Cream Villa have released the track ‘대표해’ [Represent] with DJ Tiz and Ban blank off their upcoming full-length album for free.

‘대표해’ [Represent] is a scratch track by Cream Villa member DJ Tiz that features Ban blank’s rap. You can read the translated lyrics here on HiphopKR!
After Cream Villa’s single ‘Dead Wrong’ came out in April, they will soon release another single. Also, their producer Doplamingo’s full-length producer album will be released soon as well. More details to follow.

Cream Villa:
MCs: Ban blank & Loben OF PRIZMOLIQ, EX8ER, QUAIMO
Producers: SCARY’P & Doplamingo OF HIGH FLIES
DJ: DJ Tiz
Graphic designer: BRED

Composed by SCARY’P, Doplamingo, DJ Tiz
Arranged by SCARY’P, Doplamingo
Lyrics by Ban blank
Scratch by DJ Tiz
Mixed & mastered by High Flies @ 1202 SCARYHELL



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