Neckbreakerz - La Escuela (The School) cover

Colombian group NeckBreakerz release full-length album ‘La Escuela (The School)’ produced by A June & J Beat

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NeckBreakerz, the hottest group in the Latin American scene has released a new full length album which was executively produced by A June & J Beat.
Three Colombian rappers, one Colombian producer, and one Korean producer, NeckBreakerz are indeed a special team. Just like their previous album which featured Gavlyn, MainFlow and more, this time again, a team member of a group from the golden ’90s participated, Cella Dwellas, as well as KRS-One. It also features Big Mancilla who recently signed with Sony Music Colombia, and the world’s hottest producer team Snowgoons from Germany. Crown of Grimreaperrz who worked with Paloalto and RHYME-A- before has provided one of the beats, and rappers and singers who have worked with A June & J Beat before, like AZITIZ or Vick D, show that they can do other styles of rapping and singing too.
In 2016, all members of NeckBreakerz will go on a Latin America tour together.

01. From Da N To Da B
02. Fuera De Ley (Feat. Cella Dwellas)
03. La Escuela
04. Leccion gratuita
05. Hardcore es
06. Mas Alla Del Tiempo (Feat. Lianna)
07. De-Mente (Feat. AZITIZ)
08. Sin Piedad (Feat. Big Mancilla)
09. Artista Desconocido
10. Despierta (Feat. Ras Jahonan)
11.. Apariencias
12. Killer in me (Feat. Big Virtuoso)
13. Hip Hop Chronicles (Feat. KRS-One)
14. Respira (Feat. D Jarell & Vick D)
15. Dime (Feat. Sammy Laz)
16. La Vida Hecha Melodia (Feat. Vivian)
17. My hood (Feat. Vick D)
18. #Bogovets (Feat.N.B.S.)
19. Adios (Feat. Melanina)

Executively produced by A June & J Beat
Emcees: Street Sound (Colombia), Dorian Blaz (Colombia), Lamorak (Colombia)

Track 01 – beat by Mistik
Track 07 – beat by Snowgoons
Track 09. – beat by Crown of Grimreaperrz

Track 02, 04, 05, 08, 09, 11, 12, 13 – cut by DJ HUEX
Track 06 – violin by Carlos Velásquez
Track 12 – bass by Juan Pablo Vallejo
Track 06, 12, 15 – guitar by Juan Pablo Vallejo

Special thanks to sponsors adidas Bogota, Underground Skate Products, Distancer


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Source: ROKHipHop


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