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CJ releases ‘침대에서 (Feat. Lil Cham)’

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Veteran producer CJ has released her first single ‘침대에서 (In Bed) featuring Lil Cham on November 23.

CJ has produced Yezi‘s ‘달나라 (Dalnara)’, Lil Cham‘s ‘나빠 (Bad)’, and Satbyeol‘s ‘Woo Baby’, which all have not only a sexy vibe but also a sophisticated beat and lyrics.

She debuted in 2008 as part of the R&B/hiphop duo B-Zion, then produced Lil Cham’s full-length album ‘CHAM‘ in 2012, and made the beat of Yezi’s ‘Dalnara’ for Unpretty Rapstar 2. She also arranged Jang Hyunseung’s ‘야한 농담’, ‘사랑한다고’, and Fiestar‘s ‘갈증 (Thirst)’, proving that her R&B tracks are liked by the public. With solid skills and her characteristic vibe CJ is highly sought after by the scene’s female artists.

‘침대에서’ (In Bed) is the first producer album in her name. A producer album by a female producer is hard to find both in and out of Korea, and female producers who are skilled and create trendy music are a rarity, which is further reason to look forward to her upcoming albums.
In this single that is the first part of a project CJ will be directing from now on she gives a preview of more ‘sexiness’ and ‘sophistication’ to come. It is a simple hiphop/R&B-based track with an elegant and sexy melody line. CJ has not only composed and arranged ‘침대에서’ (In Bed) but she also sings on it, showing an excellent team work with Lil Cham that only two women can pull off, not to mention the distinctive storytelling and composition.

Look forward to CJ’s upcoming albums that will feature more female artists.

‘침대에서’ on iTunes

Lyrics by CJ, Lil Cham
Composed and arranged by CJ
Photo by jinveun

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