Child Oner - 욕구해소 (cover)

Child Oner of Worm Holez Crew releases free mixtape ‘욕구해소’

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Rapper Child Oner, who belongs to the Worm Holez crew lead by HIGHFLIES’ member SCARY’P, has released the free mixtape ‘욕구해소’ [Satisfaction of Desire].

Child Oner has been mentioned and received attention recently by a lot of rappers from Busan. In this mixtape he raps about his desires and shows off his tight and strong rap. He worked on one song a week, thus finishing the whole mixtape in five weeks.

The album is made up of four standard beats that are publicly available and one original beat produced by SCARY’P. You can download the mixtape below and listen to it on SoundCloud.
Currently, Child Oner is working on a single that is set for release in September.


Tracklist (as usual, temptative English titles):
01. 보여줄 시간이야 [It’s Time to Show Y’all].
02. 세대교체 [Shift in Generations] (Prod. by SCARY’P)
03. 세레나데 [Serenade].
04. 취향 [Taste].
05. 닥치고 [Shut Up].

Cover image by Inhyeok Song
Cover artwork by Bred



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