Chancey The Glow - I’m Going Home (이종민 Remix) cover

Chancey The Glow releases ‘I’m Going Home (이종민 Remix)’ for free

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Royal Class Crew’s Chancey The Glow who has recently held a successful listening session at Channel 1969 in Hapjeong-dong and released the EP “Good Afternoon” on November 23, has released a free remix of the track “I’m Going Home” off the EP album.

You can listen to it via Royal Class’ YouTube channel or Lee Jongmin’s SoundCloud (both below).
Newcoming composer Lee Jongmin who worked on the track together with Chancey The Glow has been active under the nickname “KIDDCLAMS” and working with talented musicians like Jvcki Wai, Hash Swan, Bad Joyscoutt, Qim Isle, and more. While the original track had a warm jazzy sound to it, the remix is a completely new genre painted in Lee Jongmin’s very own colors.
Chancey The Glow has asked that you look forward to Lee Jongmin’s upcoming EP album, which will also include “I’m Going Home (이종민 Remix)”.



Mixed & mastered by Lee Jongmin (이종민)
Remixed by Lee Jongmin (이종민)
Lyrics by Chancey The Glow
Photo by Joo Seung Hee
Original track: Chancey The Glow – I’m Going Home


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Source: ROKHipHop