Crazy Woo - 폼나지 나름 (cover art)

C-Woo releases second single ‘폼나지 나름’

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Rapper and producer C-Woo aka Crazy Woo from Texas has released his second single ‘폼나지 나름’.

C-Woo’s first single ‘Shawty‘ came out in 2014. Three years later, he is back with the single ‘폼나지 나름‘ which includes two Southern hiphop tracks with addictive 808 bass beats.

Acknowledged both in and outside of South Korean for his unique hook-making and producing skills, C-Woo is currently preparing for the release of his first mini album ‘Lit: Life in Texa$’ that will bridge the gaps between East and West with its wide spectrum. Several tracks off the album will be pre-released, so keep an eye out for them!

Track List & Credits:
  1. 폼나지 나름 TITLE
    Lyrics written by C-Woo | Composed by C-Woo | Arranged by Wooyeol Choi
  2. Bad Bitch (Bonus Track)
    Lyrics written by C-Woo | Composed by C-Woo, Fatt Boi | Arranged by Wooyeol Choi
‘Bad Bitch’ Teaser:

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