Bulhandang - We Back (cover)

Bulhandang release single ‘We Back’

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Bulhandang have released their first single ‘We Back’, which is full of an effortlessness that only the ‘big brothers’ have.

The crew Bulhandang (불한당) is made up of veteran artists who have released several great records since the beginning of Korean hiphop.
This single, ‘We Back’, was produced by RHYME-A-, Keeproots, and Fascinating (MC성천, MC Sungchun). It is a reinterpretation of the golden era’s old school hiphop, adjusted to the modern times, and is performed by Garion’s MC Meta and Naachal, RHYME-A, and nuck.
Nothing explains the tight rap of these experienced rappers and the track’s overall atmosphere better than its melodical hook, DJ Pandol’s scratching, the parts where the rappers change on the fly in perfect harmony, and even more. ‘We Back’ clearly demonstrates the swag of the ‘big brothers’.
Kim Youngmin of Luminant Entertainment, in charge of Bulhandang’s album distribution and promotion, asked the fans to look forward to Bulhandang’s upcoming activities.

Bulhandang’s new single ‘We Back’ is available on iTunes.

Executively produced by DJ Skip for Bulhandang (불한당)
Produced by RHYME-A-, Keeproots, Fascinating
Composed by Keeproots, Fascinating
Lyrics by MC Meta, Naachal, RHYME-A-, nuck
Arranged by Keeproots, Fascinating
Cuts by DJ Pandol
Recorded by Kim ‘K-Star’ Jaehong (김’케이스타’재홍) @ 불켜진 극장 (Lighted Theater)
Mixed and Mastered by Kim ‘K-Star’ Jaehong (김’케이스타’재홍) @ 불켜진 극장 (Lighted Theater)
Artwork designed by Deepflow

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Sources: Naver Music, R.O.K Hiphop