BrotherSu - 아쉬워서 그렇지 (Feat. Giriboy) cover

Brother Su and Giriboy release ‘It’s a Shame’ (아쉬워서 그렇지 )

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It’ll be a shame if you don’t check out Brother Su and Giriboy’s new single!

Singer-songwriter Brother Su teases fans with a preview of his upcoming 1.5 mini-album, [Relationship (사이)].  ‘It’s a Shame (아쉬워서 그렇지)’ is a collaborative track with Giriboy.  The song honestly communicates the desire to be with one’s love interest– it would be a shame to part. After all, there are stories left to be shared and fun things to be done.

Check out the song below:

Brother Su’s [Relationship (사이)] is set to be officially released in June. He has garnered the attention of many fans due to his delicate voice and producing/arranging talent. He has participated in the production and arrangement of chart topping songs: Zion. T’s ‘Eat (꺼내 먹어요)’ and BTS’ ‘I Need U’.


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