Brand New Music - 잘 되길 바래 (High) Cypher MV screenshots

Brand New Music presents ‘HIGH (잘 되길 바래)’ Cypher MV

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Earlier today, record label Brand New Music dropped the MV for their label cypher video featuring Champagne & CandlePhantom’s Hanhae, and Kanto.

As the Korean hip-hop label launched their first episode of the BNM TV series (click here for the video), their latest video is a cypher track titled ‘잘 되길 바래 (High)’ featuring vocals by Champagne and verses by Candle, Hanhae and Kanto.

The record label commented, “This cypher video showcases the younger generation (and the future) of Brand New Music. These “young guns” show off the unique side of our Brand New Music. In addition, the artists featured in this cypher–Phantom, Kanto, Champagne & Candle–will be joining San E and Taehwan in the upcoming Brand New Day concert which will be held at Hongdae V-Hall this Saturday on November 8.

Check out the cypher video below:

[ Source | HIPHOPPLAYA ]