Black Nut - cover for 'Higher Than E Sens' and 'Baechigi'

Black Nut releases double-single ‘Higher Than E-Sens’ and ‘Baechigi’

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On June 12, the highly anticipated Just Music artist Black Nut released his double-single [NO DISS] with tracks ‘Higher Than E-Sens (produced by Genius Nochang)’ and ‘Baechigi (배치기) (Produced by GIRIBOY).’

Similar to his previous track ‘100,’ his recent single ‘Higher Than E-Sens’ compares himself with other artists such as E-Sens, Tablo, LOCO, Beenzino and even 2Pac.  Listen to the track below:

The second title track ‘Baechigi (배치기)’ is produced by GIRIBOY.  Baechigi member TAK comments briefly on the track:

HIPHOPPLAYA: Your immediate thoughts after seeing the title ‘Baechigi’?
TAK: I thought it was going to be a diss track.

HHP: Your first impression after listening to ‘Baechigi’?
TAK: I enjoyed listening to the track. I was impressed by his ability to tell his story using such topics [like Baechigi]. I also listened to his other tracks – he is quite the character.