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Beenzino releases full-length album ’12’

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After four years of waiting, Beenzino‘s first full-length album ‘12‘ has been released today.

As it is his very first full-length album, the artist has devoted his heart and soul to it all this time, and his style that has become even clearer and stronger is evident in every aspect of the album.
’12’ is made up of eleven tracks and features Black Nut, YDG, and Suran, as well as producers Peejay, Nochang, Wall E, and Coke Jazz. The album design was made by Beenzino’s art crew IAB Studio.

Beenzino will soon have to do his military service, as he is 29 and 30 is the maximum age for the compulsory military service in Korea. The artist hints at this fact in the songs ‘Flexin’ (“I have become so famous now that I can’t forgo the military [service]”) and ‘Imagine Time’ (“I can just quit, I have to go to the military soon anyway and at that time, everything will stop”). (*)

Tracklist and Credits:
  1. Time Travel TITLE
    Lyrics by Beenzino | Composed and arranged by Peejay
  2. 토요일의 끝에서 (At the End of Sunday) (Feat. Black Nut) TITLE
    Lyrics by Beenzino, Black Nut | Composed and arranged by Peejay
    Live performance at his concert in San Francisco:
  3. I Don’t Mind
    Lyrics by Billy Squier, Beenzino | Composed and arranged by Billy Squier, Wall E
  4. Flexin
    Lyrics by Beenzino | Composed and arranged by Nochang
  5. January (Feat. YDG)
    Lyrics by Beenzino, YDG | Composed and arranged by Peejay
  6. Being Myself
    Lyrics by Beenzino | Composed by Jim Stewart, Bettye Jean Crutcher, Peejay | Arranged by Jim Stewart
  7. Break
    Lyrics by Beenzino | Composed and arranged by Wall E
  8. Imagine Time (Feat. Suran)
    Lyrics Beenzino, Suran | Composed and arranged by Peejay
  9. 젖고있어 (Drenched)
    Lyrics by Beenzino, Ca$hville | Composed and arranged by Coke Jazz
  10. Dali, Van, Picasso
    Lyrics by Beenzino | Composed by Howard Dietz, Arthur Schwartz | Arranged by Peejay
  11. We Are Going To
    Lyrics by Beenzino | Composed and arranged by Peejay

*English titles in italics are not official, only tentative to give you an idea of what they mean.

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