ArtinB - Already (cover art)

ArtinB releases first mixtape ‘Already’

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Underground rapper ArtinB’s first mixtape ‘Already’ is made up of twenty tracks without any featurings.

The artist name ‘ArtinB‘ has two stories behind it: For once, the ‘B’ is taken from the rapper’s first name ‘Byungmin’, so the artist name means “Art in B,” or “Byungmin’s art.” Artin is also the last name of mathematician Emil Artin who the rapper respects.

“From every-day stories
to serious topics,
I wanted to show myself as naturally as possible.”

ArtinB worked on his first mixtape for two months, in July and August 2017. He tried his best not to put on any airs but show his natural self. The result are twenty tracks that show just how much the artist loves music after having been doing it independently for ten years. (He started writing lyrics at the age of 15.) Like any artist, his goal was to express himself, which is why there are no featurings included.

He writes: “[…] As I love these songs very much, the greatest thing for me would be that more people enjoy them together with me. […] I have just started. I’ve got here without the help of anyone and now I would like to share the fruit of my work with you. I will fly even higher and make even better music so you can be proud of me.”

ArtinB always wanted to be someone who is ready and confident because he thought that would lead to great opportunities and success. So, his dream is to make music like someone who has ‘Already‘ gone through trial and error and knows exactly what he is doing.

The artwork for this mixtape was created by Dong-ho Kim who comments: “We become happy, feel empty or in pain due to things that do not pass us by easily. Just like the memory of a perfume that lingered around the tip of my nose for a long time, those pieces become the remains of my past that form a puzzle with a beautiful picture. They transcend definite forms, getting tied together as the joints of feelings, and I paint them as forms and colors that cannot be clearly distinguished from each other.”

Listen to the mixtape below! If you know Korean and are interested in each song’s topic, find detailed descriptions on this page.

‘Already’ Track List & Credits:
  1. Gradient
    Produced by PYRMDPLAZA, Geotheory
  2. Surfing
    Produced by Sivey
  3. 너네 집 (Her Room)
    Produced by Scott Storch
  4. 미로 (Maze)
    Produced by Naiquan Grerene
  5. Know No Better
    Produced by Benny Blanco, Jr. Blender
  6. Parasol / LUSH
    Produced by Jarradcleofe
  7. Her (Screen)
    Produced by Tregs
  8. 단발 (BOB)
    Produced by Laybacksound
  9. BDAY
  10. T Shirts
    Produced by Slom
  11. 그대로 (Stay)
    Produced by Ziggy
  12. 입술 (Lips)
    Produced by S.K.
  13. I’ll Be Fine
    Produced by C.Y.G.N.
  14. Love Is Over
    Produced by Donnie J
  15. 솔직히 (Honestly)
    Produced by TUXEDO1
  16. What You Gonna Do
    Produced by Jakob Green
  17. Like No Other
    Produced by Mike and Keys
  18. Persona
    Produced by IGNORVNCE
  19. Sleep No More
    Produced by Slom
  20. Then
    Produced by Geotheory

All written and performed by ArtinB
All recorded, mixed and mastered by ArtinB
Artwork by Dong-ho Kim

‘Already’ Official Audios:

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