ANJAKE, Terry's World - Ransom (Feat. Dope'Doug, Lobsta) cover

ANJAKE & Terry’s World pre-release ‘Ransom (Feat. Dope’Doug, Lobsta)’

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KROSSHARTZ’s ANJAKE and Terry’s World have pre-released the single ‘Ransom’ off their upcoming album “2 BIG FOR A SMALL WORLD” today.

They are in the midst of finishing work on their”1 MC 1 producer” album, and are planning to pre-release another track on December 7 which will be the single ‘BULLSHIT’.
This time’s pre-release features Vyve’s Dope’Doug and Lobsta who was part of Cookiz before.

Lyrics by ANJAKE, Dope’Doug, Lobsta
Composed by Terry’s World
Produced by ANJAKE, Terry’s World


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Source: ROKHipHop