AB - My 20 (cover)

AB releases first mixtape ‘My 20’

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Rapper AB of Groove Sensation Crew in Gwangju has released his first mixtape titled ‘My 20’.

He tried to express how he sees the world becoming 20 years old, including his worries and resolutions. His very own style of music that he has been making since high school can be heard on the mixtape.
There are many featured artists, like Kim Gunwoo who has worked on a single album with AB before, or his fellow crew members JackPure, D.$ound, Po.G,  and D.Sciple. The third track was produced by JackPure who is also part of the Groove Sensation Crew, and track 4 was a present by AB’s close friend and producer Cloud.

01. Begining (Feat. Kim Gunwoo)
02. Campus Gump (Feat. Craction)
03. Fuck haters (Feat. Nodizine)
04. Lack of fire (Feat. D.$ound)
05. Phone Number (Feat. JackPure)
06. Skit
07. They Love Who (Feat. JackPure, Po.G, Ye-eun)
08. You’re Bad Girl (Feat. JackPure, D.Sciple)
09. Show N Prove (Feat. Deep.K)
10. Smoke that shit
11. (Bonus Track) My 20

Track 3 produced by JackPure
Track 4 produced by Cloud



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