2motion - Drive in 2motion (cover)

2motion debuts with official mixtape ‘Drive in 2motion’

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KSIX Crew’s 2motion has recently made his debut with the official mixtape ‘Drive in 2motion’.
It is made up of eight tracks of the genres boom bap, jazz, and more. 2motion himself has participated in the production of six out of the eight tracks, showing his producing abilities. The mixtape features KSIX’s Dragon A.T and Lowdark.

01. 발자국 [Footprints] (Prod. by 2motion, Jorge)
02. 시동 [Start] (Prod. by 2motion)
03. 비켜 [Out of the Way] (Prod. by Deepflow)
04. Oh my god (Prod. by 2motion, Jorge)
05. 멀었어 [Far] (Prod. by 2motion, Jorge)
06. 죽여줘 [Please Kill] feat. Dragon A.T (Prod. by 2motion, Jorge)
07. Ksix cypher feat. Lowdark (Prod. by 2motion)
08. 비행기 [Airplane] (Prod. by Jorge)

Executive producer: 2motion
All mixed and mastered by Jorge
Artwork by Kim Chanbin



Source: Hiphopplaya