Smokey Robotic release free track ‘Grace Under Fire (Feat. Sun Zoo) (Remix)’

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Just when you thought a track like Smokey Robotic’s Grace Under Fire couldn’t get any better!  I got in touch with Smokey Robotic’s Konrad (producer, singer, engineer, graphic artist) and discovered that Smokey Robotic has released an extended version of Grace Under Fire featuring not only Roscoe Umali and Styliztik Jones, but the entire Sun Zoo crew (including Tiger JK and Tasha):

For more information about Smokey Robotic, visit their website:

Download the free tracks below:
Smokey Robotic – Grace Under Fire (Feat. Roscoe Umali and Styliztik Jones) [MP3]
Smokey Robotic – Grace Under Fire (Feat. Roscoe Umali, Styliztik Jones, Tiger JK, Tasha) (Remix) [MP3