Yankie - Lost in Memories

Yankie reveals tracklist of first album ‘Lost in Memories’

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The track-list for Yankie‘s first solo album Lost in Memories has been revealed in preparation for its worldwide release on February 22, 2011.  Lost in Memories has been produced by several talented producers including Yankie himself, Primary, GAO (who has been working with Yankie since the beginning of TBNY),  electronic group Planet Shiver, ILLIONAIRE Records CEO The Quiett, Soul Company’s Vida Loca, and Gesture (who has helped produced Dead’ P‘s EP album).

Additionally, Lost in Memories features several hip-hop artists including Paloalto, E-Sens and Simon Dominic of Supreme Team, TopBob of TBNY, Bumkey, ILLIONAIRE Records CEO DOK2, BORN KIM of Master Plan, Akira, Crucial Star, 2WINSUnique One, Red Rock, and Mellow.

Yankie‘s Lost in Memories will be released worldwide on February 22, 2011.

1. Zombie (prod. by Primary)
2. 디아블로 (Feat. Akira) (prod. by Yankie)
3. Love (Feat. Crucial Star, Paloalto) (prod. by Primary)
4. POLAR BEAR (Feat. Unique One) (prod. by Yankie)
5. 한잔에 추억 (Feat. Supreme Team, Red Rock) (prod. by GAO)
6. 식상해 (skit)
7. Happy birthday (BORN-DAY) (Feat. BORN KIM) (prod. by Primary)
8. 습관 (interlude)
9. 몽유병 (Feat. Mellow) (prod. by The Quiett)
10. 안정제 (stabilizer) (prod. by Planet Shiver)
11. 심술쟁이 (Feat. 2WINS) (prod. by Vida Loca)
12. Music that was (Feat. DOK2) (prod. by Gesture)
13. Runaway (prod. by Primary)