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“Move Aside Idols!” Bumkey and San E Triumphs Music Charts

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Hiphop artists BUMKEY and San E are gaining mainstream popularity and surpassing idol groups on music charts.

Based on the analysis of August 21 on various music sites, BUMKEY’s second single “갖고놀래,” which was released on the 16th, has topped to #1 on Melon and Olleh music and reached 3rd and 4th on Daum and Naver music respectively.

Fellow Brand New Music member San E and his new single has reached top 10 on various music sites.  His single, “아는 사람 얘기” which dropped on August 2, is currently 2nd on MNET, 3rd on Melon and Olleh music, and 9th on Naver and 10th on Daum music.

Whats surprising is that the two artists, belonging in the same label Brand New Music, have surpassed various idol groups such as f(x) and 2NE1, both of which have a large idol fan base.

Bumkey’s “갖고놀래” is composed by 반열, co-produced by Bumkey and 이단옆차기 and features hiphop duo Dynamic Duo.  San E’s “아는 사람 얘기” is written, composed and produced by San E himself.  The MV features girl group HELLOVENUS member Nara.

(Reporter: Choi Jiyeh olivia731@mydaily.co.kr)

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