Mayson The Soul - Photographer (cover)

Mayson The Soul reveals track list for [Photographer]

In News by Nahae

The tracklist for Mayson The Soul’s official album: [Photographer] has been revealed.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Bushwick (Feat. 오혁 (Ohyuk) of Hyukoh)
2. Talk
3. 예쁜여자 (Pretty Woman)
4. Gray (Feat. Brother Su)
5. How I Feel About You (Feat. Hoody)
6. Good Night (Feat. 버벌진트 (Verbal Jint))
7. Rosa
8. 6 to 9 (Feat. 로꼬 (Loco))
9. Davi
10. Somebody (Feat. Paloalto, Ugly Duck)

The MV for ‘Somebody’ featuring Paloalto and Ugly Duck has previously been released. Check it out below:

Look forward to the official release of the album on March 24, 2015!

[ Source | Mayson The Soul Instagram ]