Loptimist - 의심병 cover

LOPTIMIST releases “Doubting Disease (의심병)”

In News by Andrew

Earlier today, producer Loptimist released his digital single “의심병 (Doubting Disease).”

His new track “의심병” is released under his recently established record label Kemistreet Records and is a teaser for his upcoming fourth full-length album. The track features vocals by fellow label artist Teth (Ji Jong-hwan). Check out the track below:

[CREDIT] 1. 의심병 (feat. Teth, 지종환)
(Composed by: Loptimist / Written by : Loptimist, Teth, 지종환)
Synth, E.Guitar – 이혁기(Loptimist)
Bass – 서정우 (Seo Jungwoo)
Rap – 이혁기(Loptimist), 권기훈(Teth)
Vocal – 지종환 (Ji Jong-hwan)

Album Produced by Loptimist
Mixed & Mastered by Loptimist
Artwork by Fori & Teth

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