Korean hiphop albums of September 2014 by Hiphopplaya

Korean hip-hop albums of September 2014 (Part 1)

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The following translated article is originally written by HIPHOPPLAYA.com.

September Albums



2014.9.2. Jay Park (박재범) – EVOLUTION [2nd album]

AOMG artist Jay Park recently dropped his second full-length album [EVOLUTION]. In addition to a variety of new tracks and remixes, Jay Park’s 17-track album includes previously successful singles such as “JOAH”, and “Metronome”. The album features several well-know artists: AOMG members Simon Dominic, GRAY, LOCO, and Cha Cha Malone, as well as Common Ground, SWINGS, B-FREE, and TAKEONE.

The beat and melody from the title track “So Good” may sound familiar to Michael Jackson fans. Inspired by Michael Jackson tracks, “So Good” features Korean band Common Ground.




Vismajor Company (VMC) member WUTAN and Buggy released their mini album [HOL!DAY] on September 4. WUTAN, who dropped his first full-length album [ZOORECA] last March, collaborated with producer BUGGY for this featured album.

The 6-track mini album features artists including Psycoban, GuGu, and ODEE. The fresh tracks were named after various alcohol and beverages: “Blue Lemonade”, “Jack ‘N Coke”, Watermelon Juice”, etc.



2014.09.11. JAY KIDMAN – R E B O O T [MINI ALBUM]

On September 11, producer JAY KIDMAN dropped his mini-album [R E B O O T] featuring Grandline Entertainment members. The album single “REBOOT” is a Grandline Entertainment track featuring Geeks, Crucial Star, and Take One. “이 시간에 Rebirth” is produced by Vida Loca and Louie of Geeks. “On the Line” features scratching by DJ Dopsh.


2014.9.15. LOBOTOMY – protoLEMON

Also known as Youngcook and Prof.D, producer Lobotomy dropped his album [protoLEMON] on September 15. The album, which was entirely produced, mixed and mastered by Lobotomy, is a teaser of his upcoming full-length album [LEMON] (hence, “proto”type). The album features a remixed version of “Sabotage (feat. Verbal Jint)” from [Collage 3].



2014.9.23. Paloalto – Cheers

Paloalto’s mini-album [Cheers] features various artists including vocals by Mayson The Soul, Babylon, as well as fellow HI-LITE member Huckleberry P. Composed entirely by Paloalto, [Cheers] is a simple yet fresh album that we can all appreciate.


Part 2 will feature albums by Jerry.K, Cliché, Speaking Trumpet and various singles of September, 2014!