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Find out what Korean hiphop fans are talking about!

Along with the above picture from Gray’s Instagram, one fan wrote: “It looks like Gray is getting a Mercedes. He is playing Illionaire by himself in AOMG kk. He also has two Rolex, also bought Versace, he’s the only one showing off (?) what he bought. Now he is finally getting a car too kk. As expected from the hottest producer, he must be receiving a great amount of royalties. Jay Park has a lot of money too but I don’t think I ever saw what kind of car he has. AOMG’s Gray is shopping like he’s in Illionaire kk. I envy him, as expected he’s earning as much as he’s hustling.”
Other fans reacted with comments like “Cool,” “Wow kkkk awesome,” “On Dreaming Radio, Gray said that he refreshed his driver’s license, Simon D and Tablo cannot drive,” “In Dok2’s ‘Let It Go Remix’, the lyrics say that Jay Park drives a Range Rover. If he drove a Range Rover back then, then now …”


We all know that there are many Beenzino-lookalikes, like Kim Wonjoong or Nochang, now a Korean fan has discovered another one:

zino lookalikeThis is Korean poet Yoon Dongjoo. The fan writes: “When I saw his smile, I thought of Beenzino right away. Although he does not look exactly like Beenzino, don’t you think they slightly resemble each other?”
Other fans commented: “Yoon Dongjoo is a handsome Yoo Heeyeol,” “In the second picture, he really looks like Beenzino,” “In school today, I just talked about how he resembles Beenzino.”
Do you agree?


In other posts, fans noted that the music video for ‘It G Ma‘ already has over 3 million views, being amazed at the views the video gained in only two months and wondering how much this would help Keith Ape’s career.

Another fan posted the music video for HIPHOPISHIPHOP, saying that they like the idea and that it is interesting to hear the artists all rap in their own language. They also mentioned that they are proud of San E and other commented that he rapped well.

One fan pointed out that Dok2 is doing a lot of featurings lately. “Niel, Junsu, now GaIn and let’s see who else. It looks like the title of ‘featuring slut’ went from Beenzino to Dok2. He doesn’t need to worry about the expenses of his Rolls-Royce anymore kkkkkkkkkkkkk.” Another fan immediately scolded them for using an insult, but someone else commented that “Beenzino said on a radio show that his hyungs [jokingly] call him that way kk.” More comments: “Dok2 is really working hard, you gotta respect him k,” “But I think his featurings do not have as much of an impact as Beenzino’s kkk, his parts are real killers,” “kk Beenzino is a ‘track-stealer’.”1)→ scene-stealer


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