Jerry.k - 결혼결심 (Mobius) cover

Jerry.k marries and releases new single ‘결혼결심 (Mobius)’

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For his marriage, Jerry.k releases a new single ‘결혼결심’ [Decision to Marry] tomorrow at noon KST. Read the details and take a look at some of the wedding photos! Congratulations!

With tracks like ‘둘만 아는 말투’ [A Way of Talking Only the Two of Us Know] or ‘사랑한다는 말 remix’ [The Words ‘I Love You’] off his third album ‘현실, 적’ [Reality, Enemy] that was released last year, Jerry.k has been showing his love for his girlfriend. This weekend, on May 30, the two married.
On this single, Jerry.k who has been celibate talks about how he decided to marry and how they put the wedding rings on their fingers closing the Mobius strip and promising boundless love. Caravan Union’s Humbert produced the song, Rico and EachONE sang the chorus, and Boostknob’s Park Kyungsun (박경선) was the engineer.


01. 결혼결심 (Mobius)
Produced by Humbert
Lyrics by Jerry.k
All instruments by Humbert
Vocals composed & performed by Jerry.k
Chorus by Rico & EachONE
Mixed & mastered by Park Kyungsun (박경선) at Boostknob
Artwork by Jerry.k



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