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Hwaji to release 2nd full-length album in February

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Hwaji’s second full-length album is about 80% completed and is set for release in February.

The album will include the single ‘히피카예’ and will be about the happiness of the 21st century. Hwaji will bring up the question how we can free ourselves as much as possible from restraints we cannot help but have, like time or reality. He will tell the most honest stories about someone in their twenties standing at the turning point of this era.

Hwaji says: “It will be the kind of album you have never heard or seen before, and at the same time it will be an album you have been longing for so much. No matter what, Young Soul and I have spent one whole year on the album. In advance I express my gratitude to all of you who will enjoy the records of those moments.”

Hwaji’s 2nd full-length album will come out next month, and both his 1st and 2nd full-length album will be available as a limited edition CD package on the Hiphopplaya Store, pre-sales start in mid-January. Also, one of the tracks off the upcoming album will be pre-released.


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Source: ROKHipHop