Hwaji - ZISSOU (cover)

Hwaji reveals tracklist and cover of upcoming full-length album ‘ZISSOU’

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After recently pre-releasing the track ‘상아탑 (Ivory Towers)‘ off his upcoming 2nd full-length album ‘ZISSOU’, Hwaji has now revealed the album’s cover artwork and tracklist with featurings by AOMG’s Ugly Duck, VMC’s Deepflow, Inplanet’s R&B artist The Suite, and Hi-Lite’s Paloalto.

The album will be made up of 13 tracks which have all been produced by Young Soul who already worked with Hwaji on most of the tracks off his first full-length album ‘EAT’.

Pre-sales for a package including Hwaji’s first and second full-length album start on January 22nd on Hiphopplaya. This is a very rare chance, since Hwaji’s first full-length album ‘EAT’ can currently not be bought anywhere and will not be officially sold either.

All artworks for the album and the pre-released tracks ‘안 급해’, ‘히피카예’, and ‘상아탑 (Ivory Towers)’ were created by BAZBON who amongst others also made the artwork for Ugly Duck’s ‘Whatever’ and Babylon’s ‘Tight’.

‘ZISSOU’ is set for release in mid-February.


Tracklist (temptative English titles in squared brackets):
01. 상아탑 (Ivory Towers)
02. 꺼져 [Fuck Off].
03. 구하소서 [May We Be Saved] (Feat. Ugly Duck)
04. 히피카예 [Hippie Calle].
05. 그건 그래 [That’s True].
06. 안 급해 [Not Urgent].
07. 서울을 떠야돼 [Gotta Leave Seoul] (Feat. Deepflow, The Suite)
08. Ill
09. Gypsy Girl
10. 나르시시스트 [Narcissist].
11. 바하마에서 봐 2 [See You in the Bahamas 2].
12. UGK (Feat. Paloalto)
13. 이르바나 [Irvana].

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