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Hiphopplaya Radio Returns: Ep0.5 Summary

In News by Minjin Ko

Hiphopplaya Radio has returned with the new hosts Don Mills and Nucksal from the VMC crew.

Don Mills (left, minus the hair) and Nucksal (right) have become the new hosts of the radio, replacing the widely loved old members: B-Free and Huckleberry P.

Don Mills and Nucksal

Image taken from Don Mills’ Instagram

Introduction: After jokes of alcohol (apparently VMC members are hardcore drinkers) and casual congratulations from fellow members for their new positions, the two hosts lightly begin the radio show, saying that they are nervous but are determined to try their best to bring hiphop related content in a fun and enjoyable way. They say their nervousness comes from having no official script, running the risk of rambling/going off tangent but will try their best anyway. They ask the listeners to help them vote on a radio name. Some of the name candidates are “Hwangchi and Nuckchi” (the “Hwang” from Don Mills’ last name) and another cute name of “Timon and Pumbaa.”  As of now, it seems that “Hwangchi and Nuckchi” is leading the race- the official name will be announced soon!

Don Mills’ hiphop hustle: After the intro, the subject turns to Don Mill’s upbringing to be a rapper in Korea. After being raised in Canada and attending middle school, high school, and college there, Don Mills came to Korea. With a mixtape under his belt, then known as Hwangma K, he blindly visited hip hop record labels such as Illionaire, Hi-Lite, and Amoeba Culture- but no success. No one wanted Don Mills but the rapper Deepflow gave him a chance. Don Mills said Deepflow’s first impression of him was no good (because of his intimidating looks). But after seeing Don Mills perform live ‘88,’ Deepflow asked Don Mills to join VisMajor. Don Mills claim he was so happy he cried because it was his first major accomplishment since arriving in Korea. But his part-time job continued … (This led to lots of laughs.)

Don Mills featuring in Beenzino’s track: Another major incident the radio touched up on was how Don Mills came to feature in Beenzino’s Track ‘Mitch as F*ck’ (from Beenzino’s EP on iTunes). After Beenzino heard the track ’88,’ he wanted Don Mills to feature. Don Mills recalls talking to Beenzino face to face at a fancy studio in Hongdae and how it was “such an honor.” Beenzino even offered to give Don Mills a ride back home in his luxurious car but Don Mills politely declined the offer because his feet were too dirty for the car (more laughs). When it finally came to recording the track, Don Mills made some minor adjustments to his lyrics as Beenzino asked. Don Mills reveals that the “danghyunhaji (of course)” and “thank you” Don Mills shouts in Beenzino’s verse are in fact ad libs Don Mills came up with! Overall, he reminisces that working with Beenzino was much fun and a great honor. After recording the track, he went back home and continued with his part-time job …

Those are some conversations from this Hiphoplaya radio’s episode. This episode is just in audio for now, but video is also expected to be available in the future!


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