Garion - HERITAGE (feat. Nucksal) album cover

Garion sign with revived label ‘한량사’ and release MV ‘HERITAGE (feat. Nucksal)’

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After three years, hiphop duo Garion release a new song and music video under a new label.

Since their 15 Years Anniversary Album in December 2013, Naachal and MC Meta have not released any new music as a duo. This new track ‘HERITAGE’ is Korean-style boombap produced by KEEPROOTS and features Nucksal. You can watch the music video below.

The single is now available on iTunes.

Garion have signed with 한량사 (Hallyangsa), reviving the label which had stopped activities in 2007. Apparently, they have been working on an album together. Starting with Garion, the label is preparing a project to support KEEPROOTS, 빌리진 (Billie Jean(?)), Dialogue and newcoming rappers. They also have plans to discover new talented artists to contribute to the development of the popular music industry.

Info: The Label 한량사
was founded in 2003 by Macho and DJ Skip. 한량사 (pronounced “Hallyangsa”) stands for ‘한량 같이 살길 원하는 사람들이 모인 곳’ which translates to ‘The place where people are gathered who want to have fun and spend money’. Those were, amongst others, DJ Juice, DJ Djanga, Sool J, and Celma, as well as Rimi and Paloalto who however were not very active while they were signed to the label. Also former members, DJ Skip, The Z, and Def Roy (대팔, Daepal) are now part of the Bulhandang (불한당) crew together with Garion. In 2007, the label disbanded due to monetary issues and conflicting opinions between its members.

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