Battle of the Year 2015 Korea poster

Battle Of The Year 2015 in Korea and Germany

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The Battle Of The Year is the biggest b-boying competition in the world and is also called the inofficial breakdancing worldcup. The Korean national finals are taking place on October 11 and the international finals in Germany on October 24.

There is nothing greater for a b-boy than competing in the BOTY Finals. To do so, the crews have to win the finals of their own country first where they have to perform a six-minute routine which is judged based on synchronicity, stage manners, theme, music, and b-boying moves.
Only the best crews can participate in the finals. For the sake of an incredible prize, the rivaling b-boys battle face to face in crew, one-on-one battles, and more.
BOTY is not only a mere competition. It is a hiphop culture festival with a variety of events for over one week, like one-on-one battles, b-girls battles, performances, workshops, and more.
Since the first event took place in Germany in 1990, the competition has grown immensely. The Battle Of The Year in Germany has 12,000 visitors and over 50,000 online applicants.

Battle Of The Year Korea 2015
Date: October 11 (Sun), 2015
Location: Howon Art Hall, Seongnae-dong
Price: 10,000 won (Interpark), 15,000 won (venue)
Host: MC GO (Ground Scratch)
DJ: DJ Spray (Ground Scratch, BACK N FORTH, Drifterz Crew)
Judges: Shorty Force (One Way Crew, Drifterz Crew), The End (Gamblerz Crew), Snake (Visual Shock)
Guests: Animation Crew & Gamblerz Crew, Ugly Duck (AOMG)
Official website with all the info

The winning crew will represent South Korea at the international finals in Germany (see below).


On October 24th 2015, Braunschweig’s world is going to be turned upside down yet again! It’s the day dancers and dance enthusiasts will enter the Volkswagen Halle once more to partake in the unofficial breakdance world championship BOTY.
15 crews from all over the globe will fight for the most important title in breakdancing in front of 8 thousand spectators. After last year’s 25th anniversary event, the interest in BOTY continues and keeps on growing. This year, the finalists chosen from more than twenty worldwide held qualifications are going to perform their amazing showcases. Professional crews from as far as Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Nigeria, France, Germany and many more countries are traveling all the way to Braunschweig for the event. The audience can look forward to expert crews like the vice-champion from 2012, The Floorriorz (Japan), the versed Dead Prezz (Greece) as well as newcomers like Tribal Dance (Senegal). At the end of the day, the best six groups will enter the battles and compete against each other in the form of a direct knockout system.
Next to the crew competition, the special showcase of the evening is eagerly anticipated. BADNEWZ MP presents EVOLUTION is a German dance formation that brings together popular international dancers including Ben, Flockey, Ukay, Lil Amok and many more. It’s an absolute insider’s tip!
The audience can look forward to a high-quality dance spectacle with international top-acts taking place in a unique atmosphere.

NEW YORKER Battle Of The Year Final
Date: October 24, 2015
Entry: 4:30 PM | Start: 6:30 PM
Location: Braunschweig, Volkswagen Halle, Europaplatz 1
Price: EUR 33 + fee
Hosts: Spax (GER) & D-Stroy (USA)
Judges: Kujo (USA), Katsu 1 (JAP), Mounir (FRA), Menno (NED), Crazy (SUI) DJs: Fleg (USA), Mar Ski (JAP), Smirnoff (RUS)
Showcase: BADNEWZ MP presents EVOLUTION (GER) featuring Aldo, Frankydee, Rayboom, Ben, Flockey, Adnan, Kali, Ukay, Snuedee, Lil Amok, Pdog and Kofie Da Vibe
Already qualified crews: Dead Prezz (Greece), Doble K.O. Team (Spain), The Floorriorz (Japan), Metro Grooverz (Thailand), Total Feeling (France), Tribal Dance (Senegal), U-Taipei Taiwan
Yet to qualify are crews from: Belarus/CIS, Benelux, Brazil, Central Europe, Germany, Israel, Italy, and South Korea
Official Homepage (go here for the complete schedule), Facebook, Twitter


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