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DAZE ALIVE to hold 4th Anniversary Concert ‘D4’

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DAZE ALIVE, who are Jerry.k, SLEEQ, Rico, and Don Malik, are celebrating their fourth anniversary with the concert ‘D4’.

Jerry.k foundead DAZE ALIVE on July 27, 2013 with rapper SLEEQ and singer Rico. Don Malik joined the label in 2014.

At their ‘UNLIVED‘ concert in May, DAZE ALIVE showed great performances where the members sang and rapped each other’s songs. For ‘D4’, the four artists are preparing even greater performances centered around each artist’s signature song. Plus, Rico will sing numerous songs off his second full-length album that is going to be released this summer.

D4‘ will be lead by DJ and producer LOBOTOME of YOUNG, GIFTED & WACK and Overclass Crew so that the entire concert will feel like a DJ set. In order to bring even more entertaining and flashy performances, South Korea’s top VJ and engineering team were hired as well.

The concert will take place on July 29 (Saturday) at 6PM at Red Box of Platform Chang Dong 61 which boasts the best sound and lightning systems. Tickets can be pre-ordered one month earlier, starting June 29 (Thursday) at 6PM via Naver Booking.

The first 200 tickets get a free Nivea mini deodorant as present, and three random people will receive a whole set.


Concert Name: DAZE ALIVE 4th Anniversary Concert ‘D4’
Date and Times*: July 29 (Saturday) 6PM | Box Office: 4:30PM | Stand-By: 5:15PM | Admission: 5:30PM *subject to possible changes
Location: Platform Chang Dong 61 Red Box (2nd floor, Chang-dong 1-9, Dobong-gu)
Prices: Pre-Order: 35,000 won | Box Office: 40,000 won
Host/Supervisor: DAZE ALIVE
Sponsor: Nivea Deodorants
Age Restriction: none
Admission Method: in sequence of entry number (can be chosen when pre-ordering)
Concert Length: 120 minutes
Ticketing Begin: June 29 (Thursday) 6PM
Ticketing Via: Naver Booking
Featured Artists: Jerry.k, SLEEQ, Rico, Don Malik, LOBOTOME
Inquiries: Kakaotok ID – DAZEALIVE

Poster and video designed by FREMUSE

Important Information:
  • There will be seats available for people with impaired physical mobility, located at the sides of the standing area where it will be possible for them to see the stage.
  • Pre-ordered tickets can be picked up at the box office, they will not be sent in advance.
  • In order to pick up your ticket, you will need to show your ID or Naver Booking ticketing confirmation page on your smartphone.
  • If you do not stand by at 5:15PM after receiving your ticket, your entry number will become invalid.
  • CDs and goods will be sold at the venue and are subject to availability (payment by card possible).
  • Nor the vendor, nor the organizer will take responsibility for any monetary damage caused by private selling of tickets.
  • Tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded on the day of the concert.
  • Besides non-alcoholic drinks, food and alcoholic beverages are forbidden inside the venue.
  • Local Inquiries:
    • Madeul-ro 11-gil 74 (Chang-dong 1-9), Dobong-gu, Seoul
    • Phone: 02-993-0561
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