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Bring Amoeba Culture artists for a mini tour to Europe!

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Fans! Stop wishing, start making! Express your music taste to bring Crush, Primary, Zion.T, and, if you like, even more Amoeba Culture artists for a mini tour to Europe! Read on for all the details.

LOGO(transparent)MyMusicTaste is a Korean startup that set out in 2013 to forever change the way fans go to concerts by building the world’s best concert platform. In 2014, MyMusicTaste hosted about 70 concerts in over 35 countries around the world. Its principle is quite easy: artists go where their fans are. Fans request their favorite artist to the city of their choice and how much they’re willing to pay to see that artist. Once the demand for a concert is sufficient, MyMusicTaste will contact the artist’s management and organize the concert. TasteMakers even receive special benefits if the concert takes place!

Now, fan promoter Martim has initiated a mini tour of Crush, Primary, and Zion.T in Europe. Click on the links below for each respective artist, log in, and show your taste!
Please note that these links are only for a concert in London, other locations need to be added first. If you like, you can also suggest any other (Amoeba Culture) artist to join them, so if you want to see Rhythm Power, Dynamic Duo, Yankie, and Planet Shiver as well, do not hesitate but make it happen!


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