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Dumbfoundead founds new label and releases single ‘HYUNG’

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Dumbfoundead has founded the new collective/label BORN CTZN and released the single and music video ‘HYUNG (Feat. Dok2, Simon Dominic, Tiger JK)’.

The new label ‘BORN CTZN‘ (read: Born Citizen) includes Dumbfoundead and Year of the Ox as its first two artists. Check out their promotional video (artwork by Tae Lee):

BORN CTZN’s first official release is the music video for Dumbfoundead’s ‘Hold Me Down (Prod. by Getter)‘ off ‘We Might Die‘, directed by THE CUT:

The label’s second official release is Dumbfoundead’s ‘HYUNG (Feat. Dok2, Simon Dominic, Tiger JK)’, which is his very first Korean single. It was produced by BIG BANANA and is a pre-release off an upcoming mini album set to release May 23. The music video was also directed by THE CUT:

Dumbfoundead writes:
“Hyung” was the first traditional Korean word of respect I ever learned. I wanted to break down the barrier and create a clear understanding what it means to be a “hyung.” Over the years I have learned that being older than somebody in age shouldn’t automatically earn you respect. You have to SHOW respect to EARN respect. Dok2 and Simon D have earned that respect in the hiphop community out here and although all of us are young we have earned respect in our separate communities.
I have made yearly trips to Korea for almost ten years now. My first trip to Korea I did shows with Tiger JK, Dynamic Duo, Epik High and more. I’ve have collaborated with a few artists out in Korea but in the last 5 years the music industry specifically in the genre of hiphop has changed drastically. I’ve always wanted to do a lot more out here but was busy with pursuing music in the American market. Times have changed now and language has become less important as music has become international, the timing felt right for me to finally put a project out here. This [upcoming] mini album will be the first of 3 mini albums released this year.

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