Drunken Tiger – “The Cure (살자)” Album Triumphs Music Charts

In News by Andrew

1277768_1417372188477620_680597986_oDrunken Tiger’s new album The Cure (살자), which was released yesterday, has topped to #1 on various music charts including Soribada, MNET, and Naver.

In appreciation for the fans, FEELGHOOD Music posted the following on Facebook:

Was hoping to find a moment in the midst of all the madness yesterday to reach out and post something about all the excitement around the release of our newest Drunken Tiger EP . 살자 the Cure.

But of all the things we wanted to share with you yesterday the one thing that stands out is that we love all of you. Thank you to all the fans in Korea and abroad for showing us love throughout the years, through every one of our trials and healing us with your support.

Thank you to all the bloggers and journalists who posted and printed and pushed our story and the story of this album to the masses. Thank you from the bottom of our heart. You humble us and yet make us more whole than before.

Last but not least, we want to give our thanks to all the doubters and the haters, because we measure the whole of our strength and the power of our community against you and yours and we have been shown that we have nothing to fear from you. Better yet, without spite we want to share this love and healing to you so that can one day you can hear without prejudice our voice and message, because we know the nonsense you all perpetuate comes from a source of hurt and trauma manifesting itself in stupidity and ignorance.

Let’s Live. For Real.

Oh.. Just wanted to share with everyone what’s been going on in Korea all day yesterday. The new album was killing the charts with us taking #1 on five of the biggest music sites (Bugs, Olleh, Naver, Mnet, Soribada) in Korea and we are rising in the charts on another site called Melon as we speak.

On some of the sites our 9 songs are holding places on the top 10 spots.
Thank you. to EVERYONE!
This is the unquestionable proof of your love.


You can purchase Drunken Tiger’s new album digitally on iTunes (link)