New Champ - 전채요리 + 곰탕 2% (cover)

Diss battle between New Champ and Innovator

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Rappers New Champ and Innovator are currently involved in a diss battle —  read on to find out what’s going on.

It started yesterday, April 4, when New Champ released another part of his project ‘2016 Weekly Song’. The song is titled ‘전채요리 + 곰탕 2%‘ (Appetizer + Beef Soup 2%).1)‘곰탕’ is ambiguous and can also be read as ‘Bear Soup’, while ‘bear’ refers to Innovator

In this single, New Champ bluntly expresses his feelings on the current Khiphop scene (please note: these are only extracts so the translations might not be too exact):

  • “블랙넛없는 힙합은 검은콩 없는 교도소” — Hiphop without Black Nut is like prison without black beans2)Black beans are commonly associated with prison in Korea since the prison food back in the day was rice with black beans; there even is a saying “to eat rice with beans” which means to be imprisoned.
  • (still on the topic of Black Nut) “이 병신아 완벽하신 인간이 어딨어 소녀시대는 안티없냐” — You retard, nobody’s perfect, even SNSD have haters
  • “Show me the money 나갔다와서 욕하기도 욕하다가 나가기도 완전 개판. 쌈디, 레디, 서출구가 웬 말? But 명심해 그들도 MC기전 똑같은 인간” — You get insulted for having been on SMTM, cussing on SMTM then leaving is a complete mess too. What can Simon.D, Reddy, and Seo Chulgu say? But remember, before being an MC they are humans like anyone else
  • “시대처럼 생각도 당연히 변하기 마련” — Like the times, ways of thinking will naturally change too
  • “기회주의자 새끼들 쌈디까는 게 자승자박” — Opportunists who diss Simon.D fall into their own trap
  • “제발 좀 니껄해 요즘 다 지코 목소리, 평생해봐라 널 기억하나 지코만 좋은 일” — Please do your own thing, these days everyone raps like Zico. Even if you do that your whole life, will anyone remember you? Only Zico will be happy
  • “그러고 보니 내게 감사한 존재 산이형, 지코” — Come to think of it, I am thankful to San E-hyung and Zico
  • “반면 곱 씹어 볼수록 좆같은 놈도 있어, 베이식 배에 올라타는 게이놈 이노베이터, 알고보니 처음부터 곰으로 위장한 여우” — On the other hand, there’s a guy who pisses me off more and more, gay ass Innovator on top of Basick, turns out that from the beginning he’s been a fox disguised as a bear3)A fox = a sly, intelligent, deceitful person; a bear = a harmless, peaceful, dull, easygoing person
  • “니가 미국 추방시킨 내 친구 얘기도 남았어” — I still need to talk about my friend who you had sent off to the US
  • “진짜 요린 난중에 공개할게 레시피.그 요리 이름은 what? Inno rest in peace” — I’ll reveal the recipe for the real dish later, what is the dish’s name? Inno rest in peace

However, only the last part where he disses Innovator received attention. From the looks of it, several things seem to have happened between the two. On the same day (April 4), Innovator already responded with the track ‘뉴챔프는 좆이나빨지‘ (New Champ, go suck some d*ck) which he tagged as #Comedy.

Here are some parts of the lyrics:

  • “대마초 팔던 니 친구는 미국행 내가 찔렀어 찔렀어 set him up and 깜빵행 이유는 간단해 니가 말하듯 인간은 완벽하지 않아 그래 내가 유다새끼네” — Your friend who sold drugs went to the US, I snitched on him, set him up and sent him to prison, the reason is simple: as you said, nobody’s perfect. Yes, I’m a damn Judas
  • “왜 디스질인지 지코 좆이나 빨지 블랙넛 좆이나 빨지 산이좆이나 빨지” — Why are you dissing? Go suck Zico’s d*ck, go suck Black Nut’s d*ck, go suck San E’s d*ck
  • “니가 욕하고자하는 사건 5년전 그럼 나도 한번 가볼까 한 5년전 “이노야 나 피처링좀 시켜줘” 난 형 스타일 싫어 제발 제발 비켜줘 그래도 원했기에 mixtape lab #2 너에게 랩할 기회를 줬구 니 flow 두부였네 tofu yes b*tch you lose 거품” — The incident you’re dissing me for was five years ago, so I’ll bring up something from about five years ago too. “Inno, let me feature on your track.” I hate your style so please, please, go away. Yet you wanted it so I gave you a chance to rap on Mixtape Lab #2. Your flow was tofu, yes b*tch you lose, bubble
  • “곰탕이되기전에 되버렸네 쿵푸 팬더곰” — Before becoming ‘bear soup’ (beef soup), I’ve become a kung fu panda
  • “니가 받고싶은건 주목이지 쇼미 출연 두번 예선 탈락 병신” — You want attention, you retard who was eliminated in SMTM’s preliminaries twice

And just one day later (today, April 5) Innovator uploaded another diss track titled ‘제목없음‘ (Untitled), also tagged as #Comedy.

He raps:

  • “man it is not your business”
  • “이슈메이킹 노린 비린내나는 니 weekly shit 은 weak” — Your stinky weekly shit that just aims to make issues is weak
  • “basick love my shit.”
  • “b*tch please, 넌 상대할 가치 없지.” — b*tch please, you’re not a worth opponent

To this, New Champ replied about two hours ago with the track ‘4:44‘.

  • “뻥 아니고 니 디스곡 면도하며 들었어” — No shit, I listened to your diss track while shaving
  • “계속 틀어 놓았다가 그 사이에 잠에 들었어” — I kept it on repeat and fell asleep
  • “얼마나 분했으면 한곡을 더 내놓았네 근데 이번껀 진심.. 장의사, 지 관을 짜놓았네” — How angry you must have been to release another track. But this one, seriously .. undertaker, you dug your own grave
  • “넌 디스가 장난같냐 난 몰입부터가 달라” — Does dissing seem like a joke to you? I’m different, I’m serious

He further recounts in detail what upset him when he and Innovator were on SMTM in the YG team together, disses Innovator for the way he treats fellow female rappers, calls him “homo” again and says that he should change his name to “gay.” He also explains himself:

  • “5년이나 된 얘기를 왜 꺼내냐고 ? 진짜 미쳤어? 넌 잊었겠지만 그들은 오늘까지 고통에 살아” — Why I’m bringing up something from five years ago? Are you seriously crazy? You might have forgotten but they are still living in pain4)“They” refers to the friend(s) who Innovator apparently betrayed.

Korean fans are not too interested in the dissing, but most of those who commented did so in favor of New Champ, praising his puns, disses, and flow. We can only wait and see if Innovator will react again to New Champ’s latest diss track.


Reference: HiphopLE


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