Bobby in 'Born Hater' MV

Bobby receives a Rolex watch gift from Epik High

In News by Andrew

YG Entertainment artist BOBBY (바비) recently revealed that he received a Rolex Submariner from fellow label group Epik High as a gift for featuring in the MV for Epik High track ‘Born Hater‘.

Estimated to be worth 18,200,000 KRW (~$16,500 USD), the Rolex Submariner was a gift for BOBBY after he was featured in ‘Born Hater’ MV.

Tablo commented, “I once received a gift from G-Dragon for featuring in one of his albums. It was a very nice gift. That grateful experience worries me, though. If we ask an artist to feature in our work, we won’t be able to give gifts like G-Dragon does.”

During an interview with BOBBY, he was asked if there was anything he wanted to purchase. He stated, “There’s only a few. I wanted to purchase a watch but I received one from EPIK HIGH for featuring in their ‘Born Hater’ track. This gift means a lot to me because it symbolizes hiphop.”