Blazers - JamCook (cover)

Blazers reveal tracklist for upcoming album ‘JamCook’

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Blazers (Deepflow and Mild Beats) have revealed the tracklist of their upcoming album ‘JamCook’ which is set for release on Monday, December 14.

1. Share Food (Feat. Chaboom)
2. 인상파 [Impressionist] (Feat. DJ Tiz)
3. 불문율 [Unwritten Law] (Feat. DJ Tiz)
4. Alcoholic (Feat. Nucksal, DJ Tiz)
5. Never Going Back Again

All produced by MildBeats
All lyrics by Deepflow
DJ scratch by DJ Tiz
Mixed & mastered by jaycry_ipt



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Source: Hiphopplaya