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Black Nut releases maxi single ‘ㅍㅍㅍ’, targets Jerry.k, Rhythmer’s Kang Ilkwon, and HiphopLE’s bluc

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Black Nut has released a new maxi single, titled ‘ㅍㅍㅍ’, at midnight from March 30 to 31.

He comments on recent controversies surrounding his person and in the track ‘Part 2’ he directly targets rapper Jerry.kKang Ilkwon (chief editor of Rhythmer), and bluc of HiphopLE, which is expected to cause even more controversies. He also mentions Verbal Jint but notes that it is “no diss.”
Black Nut’s only comment is: “그냥 음악이니까 현피 오지마.” — It is only music, don’t take it to real life.1)He uses a word which describes online incidents leading to actual fights or murder.

Although the whole lyrics are controversial, here are a few parts in question:

  • 여기 나왔어 들어봐 올해의 쓰레기 verse — Here it is, listen to the trash verse of the year
    here it goes 퇴물MCs, LE & 리드머 — Here it goes, have-been MCs, LE & Rhythmer
  • 난 니들이 빠는 VJ를 내 rap으로 만들었지 우는 기집애로 (no diss) — The VJ y’all dig so much, I turned him into a crying girl with my rap (no diss)
  • (to Jerry.k) 나랑 말 섞어본 적도 없으면 지랄 좀 마 — Stop making a fuss, you haven’t even talked to me once
  • 페미니스트의 왕 언니 강일권 — The queen unni of feminists, Kang Ilkwon
    일권아 미안한데 난 안 할래 착한 힙합은 — Sorry Ilkwon, but I won’t do nice hiphop
  • 필요 없어 니들의 쓰레기 feedback — I don’t need your trashy feedback
  • 개소리 씨부린 bluc도, you b*tch ass — bluc who babbled crap too, you b*tch ass
  • 냄새가 구릴수록 건들고 싶지 중독 됐어 너흰 내게 — The more it stinks, the more you want to mess with it, right? Y’all have gotten addicted to me
    너넨 내게 계속 돈 벌 기회를 주고 있는 거야 누가 또 덤빌래? — Y’all keep giving me the opportunity to earn money, who else wants to come at me?

Obviously, the other two tracks are Black-Nut-style provocative as well.

Tracklist and credits
  1. 펀치라인 애비 2 (Punchline Father 2)
    Lyrics by Black Nut
    Composed by Black Nut
    Arranged by Black Nut, DSEL
    Recorded at Cjamm’s
    Mixed and mastered by DSEL
  2. Part 2
    Lyrics by Black Nut
    Composed by Black Nut
    Arranged by Black Nut, DSEL
    Recorded at Cjamm’s
    Mixed and mastered by DSEL
  3. 8만원 (80,000 won) (2015. 3.) TITLE
    Lyrics by Black Nut
    Composed and arranged by Giriboy
    Recorded at Cjamm’s
    Mixed by Giriboy
    Mastered by Nahzam Sue

Artwork by JUNJUNE

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Sources: Hiphop Playa, Naver Music


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