Swaggers Made in USA (main title)

[Translators’ Notes] Swaggers Made in USA 18-21

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Here are our translators’ notes for episodes 18-21, the final ones of AKATV’s web series Swaggers Made in USA.

In these four episodes, we see what happened when the winner Superbee was to record his solo song, how well the Swaggers know English, what actually happened when Jung Sangsoo and Superbee fought, and finally, love (?) is in the air …

Subtitle Credits Episodes 18-21
Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Translation Check: Nahae
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

We hope you had as much fun watching as we had subtitling it. Many thanks to everyone who watched and supported the show! Now make sure to look out for Rapper Car — the next guest is Microdot!

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Episodes and Translators’ Notes

Episode 18: Drunken Superbee

  1. Superbee’s solo track is titled ‘Me N My Gimchi (feat. Reefa)‘ and you can find it on the single ‘Swaggers Made In USA‘ which also includes a track by all the four participants, titled ‘Swaggers‘.
Episode 19: Behind Story 1

Episode 20: Behind Story 2

  1. When Jung Sangsoo parts ways with the other three to find the hotel on his own, the Korean on-screen text describes him as: “Busan rapper who prefers independence.”
  2. When they are unhappy and want to return to the club, the Korean on-screen texts reads for Tarae: “Rapper who wants to take a taxi to the club.” And for Jung Sangsoo: “Rapper who wants to join him and go.”
  3. In the end, myunDo is subtitled as “popular on Facebook,” and Superbee as “expert in dissing.”
Episode 21: Final Episode

  1. This final episode jokingly demonstrates the crème de la crème of ‘evil editing‘. Since the Korean language does not makes use of pronouns that often, it is super easy to cut parts of sentences together to make them sound like one, for example: “Even if Superbee doesn’t like me / I love him!” Please note that the subtitles were translated accordingly (to the ‘evil editing’) but do not represent what was actually said since the sentences were taken out of context. For example, “I love him” is literally “I love” (without the object) so the pronoun was added as seen fit while Jung Sangsoo could have actually said something else like, “I love food.”
  2. The music playing in the background during Jung Sangsoo and Superbee’s “first meeting” is ‘She Is’ by Classiquai Project off their album ‘Love Mode‘. The track is a famous BGM for scenes where hidden, sometimes “forbidden,” romantic feelings arise between two people, often of the same sex.
  3. Here are the some of the comments by the user ‘끼야홋’ who the video was dedicated to:
    1. You’re really dragging out the scenes
    2. It’s Friday, why only 7 minutes ;;
    3. Make the next episode 20 minutes please ..
    4. If it’s a show it should be 30 minutes or at least 10. Are you doing as you please? All other entertainment shows air for one hour every week, but this is completely random, what are 4 minutes 50 seconds -.- Create the videos with a set time -.- Doing as y’all please
    5. lol Sangsoo-hyung is super charming, really cute
    6. So Sangsoo-hyung has a sincere side to him as well .. I’ll support Sangsoo-hyung!
    7. How on earth was he good? He’s just imitating Beenzino. I hope he’ll find his own style. myunDo’s delivery was bad too, all I heard was Shinsaimdang lol
    8. lol wow, watching this series I’ve fallen for Sangsoo-hyung .. he is sincere .. I had no idea he was such a good person

If you like Swaggers Made in USA, also check out AKATV’s other web series, Rapper Car! The first two episodes with Olltiithe second two with MC Sniperthe third two with Phantom’s Hanhae, and the fourth two with KittiB, and the fifth two with Kisum are now available with English subtitles.

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