Swaggers Made in USA (main title)

[Translators’ Notes] Swaggers Made in USA 14-17

In Miscellaneous by Lena

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Here are our translators’ notes for episodes 14-17 of AKATV’s web series Swaggers Made in USA.

In these four episodes, all performances end and the overall winner is revealed. Afterwards, the Swaggers visit a strip club and explore downtown Atlanta.

Subtitle Credits Episodes 14-17
Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Translation Check: Nahae
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

The subtitles for the final batch of episodes is currently in the making and we hope you can be patient — you surely wouldn’t want to miss the fun that the final four episodes are!

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Episodes and Translators’ Notes

Episode 14: 2nd Performance

  1. When Superbee says that his ears are telling him that they like JBo, the Korean on-screen text reads: “He can converse with his body.”
  2. In this 2nd round, Sangsoo performs ‘부산을 대표해(Represent Busan). The on-screen text describes him a “truly passionate man.”
  3. Sangsoo’s secon track is ‘절대 안놓쳐’ (Never Letting Go) off his EP ‘Color Glasses‘.
  4. In case it wasn’t clear, after Sangsoo’s performance, Tarae imitates him.
  5. Note: We do know that Tarae did not actually leave the venue, only the stage, but that is what the Korean on-screen text says so we kept it as is for the sake of tension (?).
Episode 15: 2nd Performance

  1. The song Tarae performs is an unreleased track called ‘착한놈’ (Nice Guy) which is supposedly going to be part of his upcoming mixtape. You can watch the full performance here. The track appears several times throughout the episodes, for example when Tarae rapped at allkpop or in episode 17 as he drives off to buy breakfast.
  2. Some explanations for Tarae’s lyrics:
    1. “13 years of rap, I stalk her, crazy obsession” — The “her” refers to hiphop.
    2. “I apologize and develop like Steve Jobs” — The Korean word for “apologize” (사과하다, sagwahada) can literally be understood as “do/make/create an apple” which obviously refers to Apple.
  3. Note: Just felt like pointing out that during the performances, Jung Sangsoo is always standing and being supportive.
  4. Superbee performs ‘아빠차‘ (Dad’s Car or Daddy’s Car –we used the shorter version for the subtitles– also titled ‘APPA CAR’).
  5. 오빠차‘ (Oppa’s Car) is Incredivle’s version of the song. He was chosen by Tablo & JINUSEAN over Superbee on SMTM which is why Superbee calls them ‘thieves’. He let out his anger towards them amongst others in the song ‘냉탕에 상어‘ (Shark in the Cold Pool — here is the full translation).
Episode 16: Strip Club

  1. The part where Jung Sangsoo is shown having fun in the strip club and there is text on screen and someone speaks, that is part of the song ‘킬리만자로의 표범’ (Leopard of Mt. Kilimanjaro) by Cho Yong-pil off his eigth album. The actual lyrics (what is being spoken) go: “Have you ever seen a hyena hanging around the foot of a mountain to find prey? / A hyena at the foot of a mountain that only wants the rotten meat of beasts / I do not want to be a hyena but a leopard”
  2. When Jung Sangsoo asks woman who are interested in him to contact him, the Korean on-screen text reads: “public proposal
Episode 17: Atlanta Downtown

  1. When Superbee lowers his pants, the Korean on-screen text actually says: “As expected, hiphop (style) pants should look like you shit in them”
  2. The song Jung Sangsoo performs in the street is ‘명사수’ (Sharpshooter) off his EP ‘Color Glasses‘.
  3. Just a note: Remember how they said in the beginning that if one of them runs out of money he will be on his own? Now Superbee is offering to help out Tarae. 🙂

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