Swaggers Made in USA (main title)

[Translators’ Notes] Swaggers Made in USA 11-13

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Episodes 11-13 of AKATV’s web series Swaggers Made in USA are finally available with English subtitles. Read on for the links and all the background information!

In these three new episodes, the first round of performances ends and the winner is revealed. Superbee and Sangsoo have a fall-out and finally, the Swaggers go to Grand Hustle Records to meet T.I.

Subtitle Credits Episodes 11-13
Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Translation Check: Nahae
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

New episodes with English subtitles are usually released every Wednesday, we apologize for being so late this time. The next batch of episodes are 14-17 and they will be up on YouTube on Wednesday but the subtitles will take a bit longer. We hope for your understanding.

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Episodes and Translators’ Notes

Episode 11: 1st Performance

  1. When Superbee says that having a cold doesn’t influence his rap, the Korean on-screen text describes him as “man who attacks Tarae.”
  2. After Tarae’s performance, Superbee is described as “dongsaeng who is embarrassed of Tarae-hyung.”
  3. Sangsoo performs his latest single ‘Hiphop Style Rap‘ — here are some notes on the lyrics:
    1. The lyrics say “ZAP” which I translated as “jab” since ‘zap’ has all kinds of strange meanings in English. In Korean, it is a term used in video games and means to attack or to hit.
    2. The “I tap to the next level” part might refer to the game Tap Heroes.
    3. “The map of my life gets broader by day” — Think of video games where you uncover the map as you go along.
    4. DEUX (듀스) – Time 2 Wreck (with Ness)
    5. Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)
    6. stim pack — another video game term referring to a type of items that increases a game character’s abilities.
  4. As Superbee comments on Sangsoo’s performance, he is described by the Korean on-screen text as “1 person who found Sangsoo-hyung’s rap funny,” Tarae as “the man who uses the same room,” and Sangsoo as “1 person who is satisfied with his performance.”
  5. Some notes on Superbee’s lyrics:
    1. He likes to refer to his hair as “mop head” or “broom head.”
    2. Superbee obviously does not say “google,” he literally says that people search on “Naver.”
    3. The word translated as “left-overs” is another video game term (some Korean rappers love to use these). It refers to enemies (other players or monsters) that a player missed during a fight against a group of enemies because they walked away out of sight and are thus “left over” and after finishing off most of the enemies, the player goes after the “left-overs” to kill them off as well.
    4. “I’m not a cap but they call me the best” is a pun on the word cap (a type of hat) and ‘캡’ (read: cap) which is a slightly older colloquial term meaning “the best.” It is said to have originated from “captain.” Sangsoo used it in his lyrics as well: “I’m the best at this type of rap”
  6. After his performance, Superbee is described as “1 person who wants to be recognized,” and myunDo as “a friend who envies Superbee.” Then, Superbee is described as “guy who is popular in Atlanta,” Jung Sangsoo as “man who did not find Superbee’s performance that great.”
Episode 12: Drunken Sangsoo

  1. Throughout the episode, Tarae keeps talking in Gyeongsang dialect with Jung Sangsoo, although Tarae is from Suwon where the dialect is not spoken.
  2. When Tarae tells Sangsoo not to drink and cuss again, he refers to the incident on SMTM3 where Sangsoo did exactly that.
  3. As Jung Sangsoo tells Superbee to follow him outside, staff members also follow out of worry, but Sangsoo tells them that it’s okay and that they can go back.
Episode 13: Grand Hustle

  1. As they sit in the car with the food, Jung Sangsoo suggests to eat in the car and says: “If we go back, they’ll want our food.” Food sharing is common in Korean culture which is due to several cultural aspects like community or the value of food.
  2. After having made up, Superbee and Jung Sangsoo eat together in peace. Here, Sangsoo uses Gyeongsang dialect as he speaks which indicates that he feels comfortable.
  3. Jung Sangsoo suggest that the Swaggers will meet Korean rapper Crown J.
  4. When asked what they want to say to T.I., Sangsoo uses banmal (familiar speech).
  5. Superbee and myunDo’s song is ‘좌! (Jwa!)‘.
  6. myunDo makes a “be quiet” gesture and says “Shh!” because they lyrics at that part are about being quiet.
  7. Sangsoo performs his latest single ‘Hiphop Style Rap‘ again.
  8. Tarae’s track seems to be another unreleased one, it’s the same he performed at the club. It’s probably called ‘뭣도 모르면서’ (which roughly translates to “You know nothing” or “You know shit”).

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