Swaggers Made in USA (main title)

[Translators’ Notes] Swaggers Made in USA 08-10

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Episodes 08-10 of AKATV’s web series Swaggers Made in USA are available with English subtitles. Read on for the links and all the background information!

In these three new episodes, the Swaggers visit the producers that are going to offer their beats to the winner. They are Major Seven who produced for example ‘The Devil Is A Lie‘, “Dow Jones” and “Henny” of Tha Bizness who produced amongst others for Chris Brown and R.Kelly, and JBo of Ear Drummer Records. Then, the Swaggers’ first competition starts with myunDo being the first to perform …

Subtitle Credits Episodes 08-10
Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Translation Check: Nahae
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

New episodes with English subtitles are released every Wednesday.

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Episodes and Translators’ Notes

Episode 08: Major Seven

  1. Whenever the on-screen text expresses Sangsoo’s “thoughts” or speaks for him, it is in Busan dialect since Sangsoo is from Busan.
  2. When Sangsoo performs first, his lyrics are the same from episode 04, like myunDo notices.
  3. On his second try, Sangsoo performs lyrics off his latest single ‘Hiphop Style Rap‘.
  4. Tarae raps lyrics from his track ‘Steve Blass Syndrome‘.
  5. On his third try, Sangsoo raps part of his track ‘부산을 대표해 (Represent Busan)‘.
  6. Superbee raps lyrics from ‘Hot Gimchi‘.
Episode 09: Tha Bizness & EarDrummer JBo

  1. It is very funny how the producers and cameramen all try to scare Superbee and Tarae by playing on prejudices, they clearly are not being serious so do not take it the wrong way. The Korean on-screen text describes Superbee as “scared SUPER Baby”.
  2. To be exact, Tha Bizness is a producer team made up of “Henny” and “Dow Jones,” who is the one doing the talking.
  3. Tarae’s ‘Driver‘ has still not been released.
  4. Superbee plays ‘냉탕에 상어 (Shark in the Cold Pool) (Feat. Black Nut)’. Go here for the full lyrics translation and lyric video.
  5. Sangsoo’s track is ‘Hiphop Style Rap‘ (he also raps its lyrics at JBo’s studio).
  6. myunDo’s track is Hottest MCs’ Rockin’ With The Fresh (Rockin’ With The Best Remix) off their mixtape ‘나쁜 김치 둘 (Two Bad Gimchis) Vol.1′.
Episode 10: First Performance

  1. Opinion: on the first watch, I thought that they were being pretty biased, feeling uncomfortable in that club full of African Americans. After consideration however, I have found that maybe the reason why they are all so nervous at that club is because for Koreans: African Americans = (original) hiphop. All of the four contestants know the history of hiphop and its origins, and it has been an important topic in the Korean hiphop scene to distinguish Korean hiphop from its “original.” What I mean to say is that they must have felt like amateur soccer players on the field being watched by people like Messi and Ronaldo–super intimidated and nervous. The way I see it, it is not a problem of stereotypes or being biased but more a question of awe and respect. Also, it is only natural that they are nervous and uncomfortable in those new surroundings and situation.
  2. While Superbee and Tarae say how they are nervous, the Korean on-screen texts describe them as “scaredy-cat 1″ and “scaredy-cat 2,” while Sangsoo who is mingling with the crowd is described as “Korean Afro American” since he fits right in.
  3. Before myunDo performs, we see a flashback of how the contestants met and Tarae says, “I didn’t know him.” To be exact, he says, “I couldn’t know him,” and probably means to imply that myunDo was not shown on TV in SMTM and that Tarae never had a chance to meet him in person or otherwise find out what he looks like.
  4. myunDo performs ‘신사임당 (Shin Saimdang)’. (Please excuse the mistake, it should be “Shin Saimdang” and not “Shinsaimdang” as written in the subtitles.) You can rewatch the performance here. Shin Saimdang is shown on the 50,000 won bill, which is the highest won bill available. So the song is basically about money, as clear from the lyrics.

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